Monday, April 19, 2010

oh me oh my! well, i'm back from the big apple, and oh what a wonderful trip it was! i couldn't have dreamed up a better little dream....

my flight was direct, and may i just say, that is oh so important. its worth the extra $$ just to get there and get there directly. i still get a little bit tickled when walking through security and they have some old lady at least 75 years old, being searched from head to toe. gimme a break. what profile does she fit under anyways? the angry, bomb toting old lady profile? puhlease!

sooooo..... can i just say, that my reunion with my sweet friend, was exactly what the good doctor ordered! after not seeing miss kim for years and years and years, it was absolutely refreshing to reconnect. she's amazing. her energy is something you want to be around. her words are with out judgement and full of insight. she's such a beautiful person, creative, clever, silly and a real class act. i was so nice to connect with someone who for lack of a better phrase, is exactly where i am in life. we have so many questions, and have lived a very similar path. of course, i believe hers is a much more glamorous one, but i think new york allows for such luxury. her home is warm and inviting, and i felt completely comfy... it was bliss!

upon arrival, we talked, walked, and played catch up. i mean, its only been like almost 20 years... yikes, i might have just revealed my age. cardinal rule broken. anyways, it was so refreshing to talk to a woman who i have so much in common with. and yet we are such different creatures...just sitting and chatting was so nice. being in new york this time of year was also amazing. for my first night in the city, kim took us to a fantastic little place, tucked away in the middle of the city. if you haven't been, GO. its called freemans and what a place! so unusual, and oh my sooo delicious. apparently you cannot eat there without ordering the artichoke dip. which was to die. so was the soup, and the mussels, and well, the whole place was just incredible. we ran into one of kim's friends. this outrageous guy who apparently is the leather supplier for, well, everyone. i met the leather man. turns out he's got a son who goes to rollins.. small world??

the very next day, my bumble and bumble adventure started... since kim lived downtown, and i had to go west, she thought it would be best to hop on the subway. and since i'm a big baby and tend to get confused underground, she walked me to class. seriously. she got up at the crack of dawn, and took me to the subway. rode the train, and made sure i found my way. did i mention i had to be there at 8 am??? yeah, she's good people.

so, the class was so inspiring. something happens to you at bumble. on top of everyone loving their craft, and the energy is so palpable, they feed you like royalty, you walk away wanting more. i was so loving every moment of it. the class was perfection. and i love my work all over again.... and this was only day one.

that evening, kim took me to a fabulous little thai place called the holy basil and it was soooo good. by far the best panang tofu i've ever had! we had these fantastic little cocktails of bubbly sake. when you have the chance, yes. do it. its amazing. dinner was great. the restaurant is one of those lovely dark places that make everything seem mysterious. prior to dinner i did a little shopping on my own. i found top shop, and while it was incredibly exciting to be there, the store was a little chaotic. i got myself a fitting souvenir. i checked the weather report, it said rain, so i bought a top shop umbrella. what can i say, i'm a practical gal....

day two at bumble was no less exciting than the first day of high school. i was so excited to try out my new skills all over again. if i could bottle up the energy and culture they have there, i'd be rich! day two went super quick, and yet, still the food, was incredible. i was tempted to buy the bumble razor, but i love my little red one, so i passed, but she is a beauty...

my final night in new york. we decided to go all out. kim took me to one of those places, that, well, its so new york. we went to indochine and it was classic. kim moonlights there, so we got the royal treatment. we got all dolled up, in our fancy outfits, and we must have looked like royalty cause they pulled out the red carpet of food, and drinks and more food. the people there are first of all, beautiful. not just pretty, they are exotic, and interesting, and funny and kind. i felt right at home. i was also in a food coma, but regardless, this place was just flawless. on top of everything else, we saw rachel hunter. not the one from twenty years ago, the one from today. and can i just say, mama needs a new hair do. for real. we might have followed her into the ladies room, but in all honesty, i had to go, and i just wanted an up close look at her. ok, so she's tall. but i could still see her roots. it was amazing. again, the night was filled with talking and laughing and sharing, and it was just sooooo special. i didn't want it to end, but i had to float down from my high to come home.

after all, i missed my man, i miss my people, and i just wanted to get out on a good note.

all in all, my trip was perfection. i have reconnected with a woman, who i hope to have in my life from here on out, and i was given a new skill set to take me to the next level in my career. i feel very fortunate to have so much joy in my life. thank you to all that i owe a thank you to. to kim, for being a gracious hostess, to bumble for teaching me something new, to alchemy for sending me there, and to david, who's arms i couldn't wait to come home to....



  1. food, shopping, learning, friends... what a fantastic weekend! Whats new in the hair world? Can;t wait to see the fruits of your labor. Ooo and one time, even Lexi got the pat down and searched at the airport WTF! and my stuffed animal I travel with. They put a wood dowel up him to search for drugs.. ok, I was in Colombia, but still!

  2. yea!! that sounds delish. love the new kate photo... xoxo. <3


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