Saturday, March 20, 2010

where oh where have i been?? i guess i've been running around like a crazy person, sometimes literally. the other morning when i was up before the sun was, thanks to our lovely time change, i was walking frankie. i couldn't help but notice the worm carcasses all over the place. it was sorta like a worm saving private ryan thing happening on my walkway. its gross, yes, but why does this happen? do they just give up half way across the sidewalk? is there that much traffic earlier that they get smooshed? see, thats the thing, they weren't exactly smooshed, they were just sorta slayed out, like as if they just gave up. sad.

david and i found this....

i've been having some very strange dreams lately. really random ones. nothing to particular. but this one was pretty funny. i was standing in my apartment watching my dog lick his ass. and my friend abby was standing there watching her cat do the same thing. when she says to me, "i call that hotel ass lick". to which i respond, " i call it licky butt". and that's when i woke up. anyone care to explain that one?

i've got some fun stuff happenin'. can't wait for april, and now i can't wait for may either!! going to new york in april, to be taught some new tricks at the good ol' house of bumble. a dear sweet miss kim offered for me to use her place as a crash pad, and i'm just jumping out of my skin with excitement. she's one of the coolest, chicest girls i know! and i get girl time with her!!

check her out...

then its jet back to orlando, and hop in the car with the man and head over to the beach! going to captiva to make a pretty young lady a beautiful bride. i'm not only grateful for her generosity, but i'm thrilled to be able to make the trip. i love weddings. i love the dress, the sparkle, the everything. i do.

next, in may my sweet gal coco is headin' south. she finally wised up and is comin' to Florida to escape the dreaded cold weather of the north. me her and brandy, are taking a much needed girls trip to the beach! watch out Sarasota, here we come!!

with so much to look forward to, i don't know how i'm going to contain myself. this makes for a very happy girl.


  1. For as long as I can possibly remember, I have saved every worm on the sidewalk. I can't stand to look at such a helpful little creature writhing in agony, slowly drying up and dying. I just can't. I've never been able to walk past them without scooping them up and putting them back in the grass.

  2. You, Miss Lev, are the cutest!!
    I cannot wait for you to come & to have some cool gal catchup-over-drinks-in-the-city-carefree-footloose time!

    See ya real soon!


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