Sunday, March 7, 2010

oh how things can change in a blink of an eye... remember, not too long ago, when i was floating on cloud nine about my recent happy socks purchase? well, i've gotta bone to pick with you mr.happy sock inventor sir. your product sucks. you should think about renaming it crappy socks. or happy sucks. either way, i'm totally pissed! didn't even wear the socks more than twice, and only with shoes, none of this walk around in my socks shit. oh no, i pampered and babied them, but alas, they have holes! like, little tiny holes, little holes that will become big ones, and i will no longer be able to wear my socks. which is the whole reason i purchased these damn things. no bueno.

walking across the street tonight, from my boyfriends house back to mine, i had a thought. its actually a reoccurring one that gives me a smile every time. for some reason, i think its like 1950 and i'm walking across the quad from his dorm back to mine, hoping not to get caught. its past curfew on a school night, and if we get caught having relations, then surely we'll get expelled. cute, right? its a fantasy, and i love it.

every day i get a completely random song stuck in my head. i wake up singing it and i can't stop. here, take a look at the past few days....

( tuesday)

( thursday )

( saturday )

i have lost control. in other great news, my dear ol' dad decided it was about time to get his daughter a bowling ball. i don't think he's been this excited about something, since well, i really can't remember the last time he was excited to buy me something. but this, this gave him real pleasure. he was talking shop with the guy letting him know, that my dad's got the chops. you see, he's a seasoned veteran when it comes to bowling. he has the skills and the art of it all, and the fact that i'm (attempting) to play, well, he's just so damn proud. of course, i had to get a bag with my ball. so i got a hello kitty one. somethings never change.

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