Friday, November 6, 2009

of all the silly things i've ever done, and there are many, i can honestly say that the following is in the top spot. so, one fine evening, a friday i believe, i was sitting around my little home sharing a beer with a handsome friend. my said friend was curious about the contents of my bag, specifically my epi pen. are you familiar?? its a shot that someone with allergies 'should' carry around with them in the off chance they have a horrible allergic reaction and needs a quick shot of adrenaline to take the symptoms down a notch. so, onward, i decided that maybe this would be a great time for a little show and tell tutorial on the how to's of the said epi pen. i mean, i already gave a demo to my coworkers, just in case, and since me and this handsome fellow seem to be spending a lot of time together, he should know how too...

so, i scurry over to my closet and grab the sample pen. this one contains no needle and no meds. its simply for 'practice'. so i explain how you remove the top, push the gray button, and... and this is where my friend asks the ironic question of the night. ''is there a needle, cause i can't stand needles?!" so i said, no of course not, then just jam it into my thigh like this...

and with all my strength, i did just so. and wouldn't you know it, i fucking grabbed the wrong one. i had just administered a dose of adrenaline into my leg. so i pull the needle out, dripping with medicine, and i begin to freak out. hands trembling, heart racing, friend panicking. we googled what to do in the case of an accidental dose. turns out it happens often. i no longer stand alone.

so anyways, the moral of the story is, don't be a jack ass.

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  1. thats a scary story, glad you are ok. However, this is a story you wll carry with you forever and laugh about it <3


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