Tuesday, October 6, 2009

if you're looking for me, early in the morning, i'll be at the gym. everyday, no excuses. its something i've promised myself, and it really does improve my daily outlook. i've been staying extra busy, making plans, keeping dates, and just coasting along to my own beat. it feels nice to be back in my groove. i think i let it slip away for a minute. so, today at the gym, the celebrities were out in full force. i think i mostly do this for my own entertainment. so, today i saw these lovely actors....

this lovely lady, was workin' it extra hard on the elliptical. probably trying really hard to win the affection of a man. any man.

he of course, was at the front desk. he works at my gym, but i'm sure its just until another 'i see dead people' type of movie comes out...

and this monster of a man was warming up on the treadmill... slow and steady like the giant he is.

so, as the sighting continue, i'll keep you posted. i know, its crazy to think that these people(ok, i'm not crazy, but i swear these people really look like the celebrities) work out at my dinky little gym, right here in orlando, but believe it folks.

in other unrelated news, i need to get a tattoo fixed on my ankle. at this point, i'm taking suggestions. i'm pretty sure it has to be big and black, but somehow interesting. my first idea was an octopus. then it was a shadow of a tree with maybe one piece of fruit.... i'm stuck. i just don't know what would work. so, send me some ideas. have a wonderful day!

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