Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i am madly in love with my new boyfriend. he's not my usual 'type' but i just couldn't resist! we get along so well, and he's so smooth, and smart, and entertaining, and just knows exactly what i need. yes, i'm talking about my phone. yes. its true, i fought long and hard to not walk down this path, but alas, i faltered, and here i am the proud owner of and iphone. yes, i'm silly, but it really is love at first sight. its better than i ever thought it could be, and i am totally addicted.

enough about that....

everything that is ever supposed to happen, typically does. you always end up in the spot you were meant to be in. you make choices, and the universe helps you and guides you down the path. or, is it that we just will these decisions into reality? its goes back to that theory of if you're always ten minutes late, what would happen if you suddenly stopped being late? would your whole existence shift? would you have lived a different life if you only were on time? or does the time have no relevance at all? i'm partial to the idea of no relevance at all. i think that everything is somewhat planned out in the greater scheme of things, and its up to you to choose wisely, and end up where you're should be. its all about finding the path to happiness and love. so, if you keep searching, you will find it. even though getting there sometimes is heartbreaking, and painful, and just awful, its all just sacrifices we have to endure to create the life we deeply want to have.

so, that said, i can say that i feel like i'm on the right path. a very balanced one. i'm in a place right now, where very interesting and amazing people are coming into my life at just the right time. its fascinating. had i not gone through all the ups and downs, i wouldn't be able to embrace where i am right now. i've decided to toss the 'what ifs' out the window and just roll with it.

i look forward to the next chapter of my life. i feel very open to experiences good and bad, but keeping my fingers crossed just in case.

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