Tuesday, September 22, 2009

as you may have gathered, i have moved into a new little place. sorta. i simply just moved into a different spot in the same place. its an upgrade. better view, better space, and well the whole thing just makes me feel better. i forgot how much i like small spaces. the challenge of fitting all my junk into this place has left me with feelings of coziness and comfort. what can i say? i love it! i'm almost all settled. my ocd won't let me leave things undone. i think frankie is enjoying it as well, but i haven't asked him although i'm sure he'd let me know. my phone started to crap out, so i'm getting a new one of those as well. i even ordered a new case for the new phone. i'm quitting my old gym and joining a new one. i've gotten rid of some old stuff, and would like to purge a bit more. i like to start all over. i like to have a clean slate. my superstitions even had me buying a new broom. and just in case you didn't know about that one, you must never bring an old broom into a new home. fact. speaking of superstitions...here's a quick list of some easy ones to follow...

1. in certain asian cultures bees are good luck. especially if they fly into your home.
2. in italy, if you see a cat about to sneeze, its considered good luck to hear it.
3. try not to put your elbow on the table while eating a meal. not only is it rude, it will start a
4. never give a friend a knife, scissors or any type of blade, unless you want to sever the
5.always write a love letter by hand.
6.give your lover a key, real or symbolic, and you will be lucky in love.
7.always buy a new broom for a new home...keep that old dirt out.
8.if you drop a fork, you will have good luck very soon.
9.never ever write with red ink. ever.
10. wear red lipstick, it helps you retain the good luck you have....

so, those are just a few of my personal ones... where i picked them up is any one's guess. i have a few more quirks that i have made into superstitions, and i have no idea why. like, if i'm sharing food, i can never eat the first or last of it. i often knock on wood. always make eye contact during a cheers. never put a hat on the bed. i'm sure theres more that i'm forgetting, but so far so good...

if you have any other little 'quirks' you do to stay lucky, or to prevent bad luck, pass them my way. you can never have too much good luck. ya know?


  1. What gym are you joining?? Please tell me L.A. fitness?? Oh and, Some Greek people carry Garlic with them to ward off Evil spirits.

  2. ok, i just want to know.. as a hairdresser, how do you completely avoid giving scissors to friends?
    also, thanks for posting the marshmallow video. i posted it last week, but ended up taking down the post. it's too funny. the agonizing facial expressions are priceless.

  3. I was going to ask the same question as Katie. Now I have to think of something else. Ummmmm.

    Like yer blog, kiddo.


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