Saturday, March 21, 2009

who turned off my comment option??? who!??!

i found it, and i win. in other important news, i believe my bloodstream is dripping in sugar. i spent most of my evening in the kitchen baking away, letting my mind drift, while i poured my heart into these sweet treats. i discovered that i love to bake. i mean, i knew all along that i do, but something happens within me that is a place of light. i like it there. i want to stay a while. i'm very excited at the notion of selling my little cupcakes. i've never sold something that i've made to eat. i'm also very excited to watch dennis do his thing that he does with pizza on that there grill. its magic.

this week was a bit touch and go. lots of emotions bubbling up. lots of stuff to tend to in due time. i also finished my book that i was reading. it was one of the best books i've read in a while. (we're talking post twilight) i've been on a steady stream of good reads, and i'm loving it. i'm also always taking suggestions. i like fiction. relative fiction. stories about people that i can see bits of myself in. characters that let me get lost in their lives for a while. the great escape.....

my dear little bird rebecca has settled into a fine nest. i love having her close by. i can say that i love all the women in my life. near and far. i'm thinking about my sweet girl courtney right now. actually i've been steady thinking about her everyday. she's tucked away in india doing some glacier camping with her main squeeze. i think its been a week, she'll be gone three total.

and my other little humming bird, brandy. i think about you and your day to day routine. which sometimes seems like there's no rules in your day. its a free for all, according to a two year old. you are my hero. how the hell do you do it?

i feel like (for the most part) i'm in a good little spot on this planet. work is fun, and bright. my home is comfy and pleasant. i sometimes feel like i'm coming unraveled, but never to far. i keep my eye on the horizon, just in case.

looking forward to the next adventure.


  1. You help keep me sane and are a big reason why I needed to nest back here. I love you girl, but you already know that. I love Courtney and Brandy too... just because. All this Spring pollen is like love powder to me I guess.
    (I also don't know how to post this. It may get lost forever...)

  2. I'm with Rebecca. I do it and get through partly (mainly) because of you. If I didn't have you in my life, I don't know where i'd be. And I love Rebecca and Courtney just the same and hope that one day we can have a "Girl's Night" with the quartette :) Did I spell that right?


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