Friday, March 27, 2009

who doesn't love a cupcake? i mean, seriously. the cupcake stand was not only fun, but was also entertaining. people watching was in full effect. block parties tend to bring out people that i've never seen before. i love it. makes me feel like this town is a city. and i love her. there is so much good in my town, it makes me ill to think that someone could actually be unhappy here! frankly, it just pisses me off. where else do you have EVERYTHING within an hour away? the beach, a roller coaster, amazing food, horses, gators, jousting, pirates, goofy, and of course, a thriving city that has so many good people. lets also not forget the amazing people who make things happen. the movers and the shakers. the small people who dare to dream big, and contribute to this wonderful, beautiful city. if you look for it, its there. get creative! get outside! get a cupcake!

stepping off the soap box....

which brings me to a very pressing issue. mascara. i've been searching and searching for the perfect tube. in order, here's the losers so far....

oh, how i loved this one in high school... but i wonder if my lashes have evolved since? is that even possible? anyways, this one was too wet. too clumpy. like sludge. no bueno.
mac, of course. i've literally tried every single mascara they make. this one was my favorite for some time. yet, again, it became to fickle. some tubes were just a better batch. call me high maintenance, but i need reliability for my lashes.

i've used a few others, but i couldn't search up an image. mostly clinique and some other high priced specimens. this one, however, has proven to be, dare i say, my favorite all time mascara. its a bold statement, but i stand behind it. its usually around a week or two into usage, that the disappointment starts to show. it gets dry, or just drys out. or for some reason, it gets clumpy or wet and gross. but something magical about this one has left me smiling. and of course, batting my lashes. however, this is where my confusion begins. this one claims to be made with a teddy bear brush, or something to that nature. what the hell?? is there something going on in a sweat shop i should be aware of??

how do we really feel about this?

i've been paying a little more attention to my dreams lately. as well as my reality. and i've decided to keep a dream journal to bridge a gap between the two. i've been listening to my inner dialogue with myself, and i'm working on my thoughts and how to make them work better for me. many wise people, believe in the power of positive thinking. i want to put this into use. so far so good. the other night before i went to bed, i imagined myself making more money. i know, i know, such a materialistic desire, but bare with me. so, not only did i imagine i made the money, i had it, and i was thinking realistically how i was going to spend it. that night i had a dream about a green dress. green represents many things, include prosperity. that very day, a woman in my pilates class offered to pay me to bake her cupcakes.

just sayin'.

so, to you true believers, dream on, believe the dream as if it were reality. and it will become just that. its that simple. yet such hard work. i challenge you. i dare you to try it out. let me know when you've hit the jack pot!

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