Monday, March 30, 2009

listening to the soundtrack of my life. sitting still to hear the lyrics, and make sense of it all. feeling the feelings that linger from the past. each song tied to a memory. each memory tied to a certain someone. i sit here and i realize that the soundtrack of my life is made from those who i have once called on for many needs. lover, friends, inbetweens. some music takes me back to an age of rebellion. teenage angst. high school crushes. child's play. but the music of my life is also made up of moments that i will for ever cherish. i will hold on tight to the thoughts some good, some funny. all mine.

its funny what you choose to remember and what you just let go. i remember certain things that were said from years ago as well as words spoke just yesterday.

when i listen to some songs, it makes me sad. its not the words, or the tune. its a person. sometimes its a place, or a moment. some times i just laugh it out. cause really, its just a song that somebody made up in some body's basement. its a song that got played a million times in various shitty bars.

i won't give up the past, and i look forward to the future. solitude becomes me. and i am open.

with heart.

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